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Southern Texas Late Model Series at Cotton Bowl Speedway, 3/18/17
By JM Hallas

(Paige, TX.,) March 18th, 2017) After losing the originally scheduled opening night due to rain and last weekend as well, Cotton Bowl Speedway finally got its first race in. For some drivers it was their first chance to show off a new car, new wrap or just turn some laps. For others, like the Southern Sportmods or CBS Stocks, it was just fine tuning after getting the jump while running some big early season shows. (J.M. Hallas photo)

The STLMS, which began in 2012, has grown from two south Texas tracks(Shady Oaks Spwy. And Texana Raceway Park) to hold 11 events at five tracks on the 2017 schedule. The series has three different motor rules allowing for a variety of cars to compete. GW Egbert is the defending 2016 champion.

Theiss Sweet for Topside Tally
Austin Theiss(Hockley) set up for the high side and made it pay off taking the win in the 25-lap STLMS main event. Theiss hung around the top three all race chasing young gun Colton Horner and Tracy Denby jr. On a restart Thiess used the bottom to get past Horner after some contact, but a yellow erased the pass. Undaunted, Theiss went back up top, using the momentum to go around Horner, then eased away for the victory.

As the 16-car field roared to life it was Denby beating Horner into turn 1 with a three wide battle for fourth. As they sorted out it was Denby, Horner, Kevin Sitton, Theiss and Brandon Brzozowski in the top five. Horner took some early looks low on Denby while Jim Moon charged into the top ten after starting scratch in a back up car.

Horner had just gotten along side Denby when Mark Shipman went around for a lap 4 yellow. After another quick yellow, Horner and Denby were side by side again. Horner got the nose out front for lap 5, but Denby came back around. As the duo slugged it out, Theiss made his way past Sitton and was lurking in third with Moon now fifth.

Horner finally secured the top spot on lap 8 with Denby now fighting off Thiess. Denby would go around trying to hold Theiss off for a lap 10 caution. On the restart Theiss ducked inside Horner with the two making a bit of contact off turn 2, but Alex Ashley and Kody Hardage tangled in the pack to bring the yellow back out.

A six-car pile up in turn 4 on the restart slowed the action once again. Now starting single file, Theiss was up top trying to get a run on Horner. At halfway it was Horner, Thiess, Sitton, Moon and GW Egbert in the top five. Denby was motoring back through the field getting by Brzozowski for sixth then along side Moon for fifth.

Up front it was heating up with Theiss sailing it around the top getting a good run off the corners. Horner and Theiss were door to door at the stripe on lap 15 with Theiss getting the nose ahead on lap 16. Once into traffic, Theiss was forced to the bottom giving Horner a run on him, but yellow would slow the pace on lap 20 opening up the top for Theiss on the restart(s).

On one of tries Denby, who had looped it again, make contact with K. Hardage sending him into the back stretch wall. K. Hardage ricocheted off the wall and clipped Eddy Hardage on the way by sending him around. Finally back under green, Theiss got away clean and was able to pull ahead in his Saye Plumbing Contractors, Nolls Automotive, Northside Plumbing, Razor Edge Graphics, Dynamic Drivelines, Performance Engineering, Vic Hill Race Engines, MB Customs Chassis going on to the checkers.

“We just took our time up there and didn't kill the right rear,” said Theiss. “We were just biding our time until the end when I gave it all it had and went for the checkers. You don't ever really know what the other drivers are going to do. If I had bobbled up there anyone behind me could have gotten by easily. All those cautions were actually concerning me. I could feel the tires were cooling and I'd rather have they stay a bit warm.”

“When we went out for the feature we were shooting for up top. There was a little bit of moisture up there. I was banking on going for the top and hoping it would work for us. Luckily it worked out for us. When we got into lapped cars I had to change my line a little bit, but it all worked out in the end.”

“I knew everyone would be shooting for the bottom and thought I could save my tires and run where everybody else wasn't. I knew it would take a couple laps to get the tires clean and the line clean, but I knew we could run up top and really shake it up, up there.”

South Texas Late Model Series Series
7d Austin Theiss, 56jr Colton Horner, 97 Kevin Sitton, 717 GW Egbert, 1x(1) Jim Moon, 15 Tracy Denby jr., 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 45 Brian Machicek, zz Sloppy Hogg, 12 Kody Hardage, 78 Eddy Hardage, 31 Gary Lowe, 57 Mark Shipman, 22 Todd Jouett, 14 Alex Ashley, 19 Casey Fielding, 1x(1) Robert Scrivner---dns

STLMS heats
Heat 1; 1x Robert Scrivner, 15 Tracy Denby jr., 19 Casey Fielding, 104 Brandon Brzozowski, 12 Kody Hardage, 717 GW Egbert, 45 Brian Machicek, 78 Eddy Hardage, 1 Jim Moon

Heat 2; 56jr Colton Horner, 97 Kevin Sitton, 7d Austin Theiss, 14 Alex Ashley, zz Sloppy Hogg, 22 Todd Jouett, 57 Mark Shipman, 31 Gary Lowe